How to Use Cane Furniture and Accessories in Your Home Interiors

woven dining set

Cane has recently seen a resurgence in very modern ways, with designers increasingly embracing handmade furniture, bringing it back into the mainstream. It is interesting to note that caning techniques originated in Indonesia. It was quickly adopted by Europeans in the 1600s, after which it spread worldwide. While it had never gone out of style, you will notice plenty of examples of how this age-old, timeless trend is being reinvented today. Notice the comeback of cane furniture with its classic weave pattern, woven chair-backs, dip-dyed finishes and peacock chairs.

A tensile, durable and versatile material, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories. It is textured, clean, lightweight, eco-friendly and gives off a casual, vintage vibe. It blends well with a lot of decorating styles including contemporary, bohemian, and even ethnic Indian. Let’s look at the different ways you can use hints of cane in furniture and accessories in your home interiors.

(Note: The words ‘cane’ and ‘rattan’ are used interchangeably because cane comes from the outer bark of the rattan plant. ‘Wicker’ is the term used for the weaving method.)

Living Room Furniture

A Cane Sofa-Set

A rattan wicker sofa set like the one below can make a serious style statement when paired with luxury upholstery. Use the more commonly available sets for more informal areas like a reading room or an activity area.

Cane Furniture for living room

The Cane Armchairs

Elegant, vintage cane armchairs pair really well with any kind of interiors and with other natural elements. Go for ones with contemporary, sharp silhouettes, or the curvy colonial-era designs. Pair them with cane ottomans of the same colour as footrests.

Cane Accessories and Home Decor

Adorn your wall with a few cane accessories, including mirrors. Rattan lamps look very artsy with the patterns they throw up on the wall when lit up. Use cane baskets to hold your fresh flowers and greens. You can even hang them on your garden wall or front door to welcome visitors.

Bedroom Furniture

Cane Peacock Chairs

The fact that so many designers are using these peacock chairs vouches for the fact that they are back in vogue, and here to stay. Style your peacock chair with plants, a chest of drawers and a rug for a charming nook you’d want to come back to. Use a woven rattan partition if you want to carve out more private space.

A Vintage Cane Headboard

Cane headboards give a classic vintage look to the bedroom. Pile up cushions in interesting patterns for a super-cosy appearance.

Cane Storage Hacks

Use a rattan cupboard to store your extra cushions and linens. Pick up rattan coat hangers. Cane trunks or chests can double up as consoles or as storage for extra blankets in your bedroom.

Dining Room Furniture

The Evergreen Cane Stools

Go for classic cane and wood bar stools in an indoor or outdoor cocktail area. Get a cane bar trolley which will come very handy at weekend parties.

Cane Cabinets

Opt for a cabinet or dinner wagon with wicker drawers and attractive knobs like these. Customize it with wine racks, pull out drawers, and open shelves.

The Classic Cane Tables

Cane stools can be used as side tables and as convenient seating options. This is a good example of space-saving, multi-purpose furniture. Notice that the painted version also makes a cool style statement.

Bathroom Accessories

Cane Fixtures

Bathrooms can be done up with cane fixtures for a tropical vibe that adds lightness and texture to a modern space.

Cane Accessories for Bathroom

Cane Baskets

Use cane fruit baskets, and storage baskets for dry items in the kitchen. These baskets also make chic plant holders and organizers for miscellaneous items that are normally strewn on a console or study table. You can use them for storing magazines, toys and other handy items.

Stylish cane bags can also be hung on the wall in the kids’ room to hold toys. And you can use them when you want to go shopping.

Outdoor Furniture

Cane Patio

Get stylish outdoor furniture sets made of rattan for a chic patio.

The Outdoor Canes

Create the most inviting, zen-like nooks with a swing, day-bed or a hammock. Cane wicker furniture is an ideal option for an outdoor dining space. Woven chairs and benches also add rustic pop to an outdoor space.

If you happen to have any old cane pieces, update them with new upholstery or a coat of paint. The best part of the cane is that you can simply work these pieces into your existing décor, without them being overpowering, and create effortlessly chic home interiors.